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Eddystone Elementary School

Eddystone Elementary School

Of the seven elementary schools that comprise the Ridley School District, Eddystone Elementary probably best exemplifies the notion of what it means to be a “neighborhood school.” The 200 students in grades K-5 all live within walking distance of the school, and the majority of the support staff, including classroom aides, food service employees, custodians and maintenance workers reside in Eddystone. Furthermore, three of the professional staff members attended Eddystone, representing a true testament to their dedication and love for the place they spent their formative years.

According to Principal Jeff D’Orazio, Eddystone’s philosophy consists of the, “goal to foster a school with mutual respect among teachers, staff, parents and students. Together, we need to create the best possible learning environment in which our kids can achieve their highest potential and become responsible, cooperative individuals.”

Students at Eddystone appreciate the true meaning of community as a result of the various activities offered both in and out of school. Monthly dances, Family Fun Nights, Family Bingo, and the Spring and Fall Fairs all serve to solidify the everlasting relationships that develop among our children and families.

Senior Awards

Thanks to the generosity of our Borough residents and business owners, several monetary awards are given specifically to graduating seniors who reside in Eddystone. These awards are a special way of congratulating the accomplishments of our youth and giving them just another reason to remember Eddystone as a great place to grow up. The six awards presented annually are: the Eddystone Biddy Basketball Association; the Eddystone Business Community; the Eddystone Homecoming; the Susan Cowan DiMatteo Memorial; the Joe Hughes Memorial; and the Ann S. Corcoran Memorial.

Eddystone Biddy Basketball Association
The Eddystone Biddy Basketball Association award has been created to honor those students who, through their early years as elementary school students, have developed a love of the game along with the essential understanding of sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, and integrity. Many of Ridley’s finest basketball players honed their passion for the game through their involvement in the Eddystone program.

Eddystone Business Community
Many businesses in Eddystone have thrived within the community for decades, and The Eddystone Business Community wishes to recognize those outstanding members of the class who have contributed positively to the school and community and who have an interest in a business-related future.

Eddystone Charm

Eddystone Homecoming
The alumni of the former Eddystone High School have created the Eddystone Homecoming award to recognize scholastic, athletic and/or musical achievements of young men and women who attend Ridley High School. The recipient of this award also exemplifies the traits of former Eddystone High School leaders.  

Susan Cowan DiMatteo Memorial
The Susan Cowan DiMatteo Memorial award is presented to a deserving senior who understands the importance of selflessness and the power of community. Sue, a 1982 Ridley graduate and lifelong Eddystone resident, courageously battled ovarian cancer, and it was throughout her fight that the residents of Eddystone united, planning and overseeing a variety of fundraising events ranging from a rock concert, a flea market, lemonade stands and reaching out for corporate donations. Through their efforts, Sue’s neighbors and friends raised an astounding $150,000 to help her undergo a bone marrow transplant, proving that a small group of people with a common goal can accomplish a monumental task.  

Joseph Hughes Memorial Scholarship
The Joseph Hughes Memorial Scholarship has been created in loving memory of Joe, a 1937 graduate of Eddystone High School and the founder of Joe’s Little League. Generations of “Stoners” developed their love of baseball through Joe’s selfless 60-year commitment to the children of Eddystone and the sport he loved. Joe could be found every night “after dinner until it got too dark to play” at Joe’s field from April through October. Financing his league out of his own pocket, Joe saw to it that every child played in every inning of every game. Joe truly embodied the community spirit of Eddystone, and his incomparable dedication to generations of Eddystone families has left a legacy that reflects Joe’s own values and loyalty. This scholarship is presented to a deserving senior of good character who understands the values of dedication and community involvement.

Ann B. Corcoran Memorial Scholarship
Her friends and family created the Ann B. Corcoran Memorial Scholarship in loving memory. Ann was a 1958 graduate of Eddystone High School whose three sons graduated from Ridley High. This scholarship is awarded to a Ridley student who attended Eddystone Elementary School and who plans on furthering his/her education by attending college. The recipient is one who displays a strong sense of community and has earned the respect of peers and teachers alike for his/her demonstration of character, hard work, and dedication to family and school, all of which were important qualities to Ann.