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Lighthouse Hall
Lighthouse Hall Backboard
Lighthouse Hall

Lighthouse Hall

(Located across the street from Eddystone Elementary School)

Lighthouse Hall serves as our community recreation center. The facility consists of a full court basketball gymnasium; a kitchenette equipped for snack bar operations; rooms for meeting space; and indoor and outdoor restroom facilities. Most holiday and community events are held at Lighthouse Hall. Lighthouse Hall is also the home of the Eddystone Memorabilia Museum curated by the late William Seiverd.

Eddystone Memorabilia Museum (William Sieverd)
The Eddystone Memorabilia Museum was curated by the late William Seiverd; a lifelong resident of Eddystone Borough. Known as the Borough’s Historian, Mr. Seiverd has preserved a collection of memories from Eddystone High School and life in Eddystone during the 1940’s; 1950’s and 1960’s. He was employed for 28 years at Eddystone Elementary School. Mr. Seiverd served as President of Eddystone Borough Recreation Board for 33 years and was the President of the Eddystone Boys Club for 10 years.

1401 9th St, Eddystone, PA 19022