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Update on COVID-19 Vaccinations in Delaware County

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On Thursday, Janauary 14, Delaware County issued a press release to provide updates on the COVID-19 vaccination program rollout. Some key points in the release include:

  • The Chester County Health Department, as well as many other vaccine providers, continue to vaccinate individuals in Phase 1A. The Chester County Health Department is aware of the recent announcement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services about a shift in populations included in Phase 1B, and all vaccine doses being approved for distribution to states. The Health Department is assessing the impact of this announcement on its current approach for vaccinations and transition from Phase 1A to 1B. Delaware County and the Chester County Health Department are eager to move to Phase 1B as quickly as possible, however we must be sure we can do so without being limited by our vaccine supply.
  • Delaware County residents are urged to complete an interest survey for the COVID-19 vaccine. This survey is the best process for residents to register. 
  • Unaffiliated healthcare providers should also check with local health systems for information on the vaccine becoming available at those locations as spots open up in their health system.

Read the complete release at